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Trek Associates has almost 30 years of experience in the barcode printing and labeling industry. We offer labels, ribbons and inkjet/laser printer supplies from the industries leading manufacturers such as Datamax, Intermec, Sato and Zebra as well as our own branded supplies produced in an ISO9001:2015 USA production facility.  With over 200 different stock label sizes for most thermal transfer printers, in many different material configurations, Trek Associates has the solution to your identification and labeling needs. 

In Stock Labels- Trek Associates stocks over 200 different thermal, thermal transfer, kimdura, polyimide (Kapton) and polyester labels and tags in the most popular sizes and configurations. Please select a link below to view stock label sizes and materials. 

All Materials are on a 3.0" core with an 8.0" OD unless otherwise noted

Thermal Transfer Paper Labels 

3" core / 8" OD Wound Out          3" core / 8" OD Wound In          FanFolded          Tags                  

Colored Thermal Transfer Paper Labels

3" core / 8" OD Wound Out         

Direct Thermal Paper Labels   

3" core / 8" OD Wound Out           3" core / 8" OD Wound In          Near I/R 

Specialty Labels (Kimdura, Polyester & Polyimide)

Kimdura         White Polyester          Electronic Component White Polyester

White Polyimide          Tan Polyimide

Laser, EDP & Ink Jet Labels

Laser Sheet Label - 8.5" x 11"

Label & Ribbon Kits   

Label and Ribbon Kits 3" core / 8" OD Wound In or Out

Custom Labels -

Polyester, Polyethylene, Polypropylene and Kimdura are just a few of the custom face stocks that we offer. Trek Associates can offer you the best in specialty materials and adhesive. We offer 1000's of possible material combination and sizes custom tailored to YOUR application. Please contact one of our trained label applications engineers with your labeling requirement by clicking on the link below or via telephone at 716-992-2058.

To Request Custom Label Pricing - Click Here

Pre-Print - Trek Associates can meet your barcode labeling needs with pre-printed barcode labels or custom barcode labels from our custom labeling facility.  Whether you need paper, synthetic or multi colored barcode labels we can customize a solution to meet your requirement.  Short Run?  No Trouble.  Whether you need 100 or 100,000 labels, let Trek Associates be your source for high quality custom labels.  Custom Label Request Form

RFID- Class 1, Gen 1 or Class 1, Gen 2 tags?  EPC, UHF?  Trek Associates has been selling and installing RFID systems for over ten years.  This technology is not new to us.  We can assess your needs and make a cost effective recommendation to your application.  From slap and ship to full receiving and tracking systems, Trek Associates has the hardware and software for you from the industries leading manufactures.  We even offer a portable RFID encoder (reader/writer) for Pocket PC platform devices.  In addition, we also stock common sizes of labels with the chips already inserted and ready to ship.

Label Management Program (LMP)- Take advantage of volume label and ribbon pricing with just in time delivery. This program is available on all labels and ribbons for contracted volume label and ribbon users at no additional cost. Labels and ribbons are produced and stocked at Trek for delivery as per your established release schedule. This program assures that supplies are always on time and produced from the newest materials. Please contact a label applications engineer to discuss your label management requirement

Thermal Transfer Ribbon Store

Ribbon Formulations:

General Purpose Wax Ribbons

GP725 - Resin enhanced ribbon with Clean Starttm print head cleaner. Offers sharper, blacker print quality and durability at speeds up to 12 ips. 

A.P.S    Datamax     Eltron    Intermec     Monarch     Printronix     Sato     TEC     Zebra

High Mark - Resin enhanced wax ribbon has outstanding durability for a general purpose ribbon. Reduced printhead energy requirements.

Datamax    Eltron    Intermec     Printronix    Sato    TEC    Zebra

Fast Wax - Excellent print quality at high speeds; good coverage on uncoated tag and label stocks.

Datamax     Eltron     Intermec     Printronix     Sato     TEC     Zebra

Please note that the Zebra ribbons can be used on Intermec 44XX series printers as both use coated side out (CSO) ribbons.  

Premium Wax/Resin Ribbons

Prime Mark - Exceptional print quality for complex label formats. Works well on a wide range of substrates.

A.P.S      Datamax     Eltron     Intermec     Monarch     Printronix     Sato     TEC     Zebra

PM350A - PM350A not only offers outstanding print quality, but also prints on a wide range of substrates from rough uncoated paper to smooth synthetic films.

Datamax     Intermec     Sato     Zebra

Please note that the Zebra ribbons can be used on Intermec 44XX series printers as both use coated side out (CSO) ribbons.

Super Premium Resin Ribbons

SP330 - Designed for harsh environment labeling applications. Superior abrasion, chemical, and heat resistance.

   Datamax     Eltron     Intermec     Monarch     Sato     TEC     Zebra

Near Edge Ribbons

NET MARK IQ - Premium wax/resin ribbon with outstanding performance at high print speeds and exceptional print quality.

Markem    Novexx     PAXAR     TEC     VideoJet

Color Ribbons - Ideal for Quick Label Systems QLS series and TEC CB416 printer single pass full color label printers.  Colors are also available for most major manufactures printers.

DC-100 - Color ribbons - Excellent print quality at high speeds. Click Here for Color Samples

Astro-Med     Datamax     Sato     TEC     Zebra

DC-200 - Color ribbons - Superior print quality with exceptional scratch and smudge resistance.  Click Here for Color Samples

A.P.S     Astro-Med     Datamax     Sato     TEC     Zebra

Please note that the Zebra ribbons can be used on Intermec 44XX series printers as both use coated side out (CSO) ribbons.  


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